1. 000025 - A top 10 list of top 10 lists

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    Quick rundown:

    Gibson released a 7 string Les Paul Classic w/15db active boost, JB/’59 set MSRP $2500

    Fender expands American Standard series 

    • Strat - same as usual, upgraded with aged plastic parts, fat 50’s pickups, new colors
    • HSS Strat - Same as Strat, but w/ Diamondback HB
    • HH Strat - Twin Head Vintage HBs, 3 way switch
    • Tele - New body contour, twisted tele neck pickup, broadcaster bridge pickup, new colors
    • HH Tele - Same pickups as HH strat, new contour, etc
    • Also includes 4, 5 string dimension bass
    • http://guitarnoize.com/fender-expands-american-standard-series/

    Strymon Deco

    • “tape saturation & doubletracker”

    • The idea is based on tape being the “first effect”

    • 5 knobs, 2 switches, Saturation, Volume, Blend, Wobble, and Lag Time

    • Offers Tape Flange, Tape Chorus, Slapback, and Tape Echo on the “Lag Time” knob

    • Subtle tape saturation and compression, upper limits of tape machine, transparent tape overdrive on Saturation knob.

    • In, Exp, Stereo out, secondary functions for subtle EQ, etc

    • http://www.strymon.net/deco/

    Pedal Genie - pedalgenie.com/tonecontrol

    • Create a wish list of pedals you want to try out
    • $34.95/mo for 1 pedal, or $59.95/mo for 3! First month is only $1
    • NEW Pedal of the Month club. 1 pedal/mo from a curated list of the coolest gear
    • TONS of gear from a great list of manufacturers
    • Caroline Guitar Company, EHX, Mission Audio, Z.Vex, Pigtronix, to name a select few
    • They send you one at a time, and you keep it as long as you like
    • Pedal buy-out options
    • indie gogo campaign running now through 11/24!
    • Pedalgenie.com/tonecontrol

    Guitar tone shoot out!

    • Michael from Denmark!

    • What’s your favorite tone?

    • Guess the sim!

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    Hahaha what

    A fuzz face case! HAHAHA

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  4. a4w:



    My Guitar Again

    dat worn

    72’s are so mean!

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  5. Pedal Genie is doing an IndieGoGo campaign to bring their already AWESOME service to the next level! Check out this awesome list of giveaways starting at only $5. There’s even a new Pedal of the Month style subscription! Give ‘em some love!

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    I’m not a fan of Dean guitars, but this USA built Dave Mustaine signature is something special. With an MSRP of $5944.44, it should be!

    F-holes on a V. Because reasons.

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  7. JHS Emperor Chorus/Vibrato

    Not too long ago we talked about the new JHS Emperor Chorus/Vibrato with Tap Tempo. Check out the demo from Pro Guitar Shop! 

  8. Rig Rundown - Periphery

    I’m not usually into this type of music, but Periphery is really grabbing my ear lately. Love to check out how many cool sounds they get using only Axe FX-II’s. Nice.

  9. dlheidemann:

    #walrusaudio plainsman boost.

  10. jazzblaster:


    Custom #Warmoth #Jazzmaster #Fender #Surfguitar

    Pearl block inlays, Neck binding, SD Antiquity II pickups.

    All Hail the Ghostmaster!

    the pickguard not going around the bridge would bug me too much but i do love this alot

    So that’s cool.

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  11. This week Derek got married and flew off on honeymoon!  Tyler Newton and Taylor Jones join Justin for an episode all about smartphone apps for guitarists.  

    We’ve gotten some great feedback about the guitar tone breakdown segment.  Thanks everybody and we’re really glad you like it.  There will be more of this to come, for sure!

  12. rsguitarworksblog:

    TeeByrd Reverse Body / Aged Olympic White / Medium

    What have we here?

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  14. guitarlust:

    1953 Heavy Relic Reissue.