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    big knobs on mustangs always work

    Racing stripes are too cool.

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  3. PROTIP:


    Buy a tuner pedal.

    Nothing makes you look like more of an idiot than you audibly tuning between sets or trying to figure out if it’s your fourth of fifth string that’s flat in the middle of the song.

    Someone running sound tonight

    Also, if you’re that guy that screams FREEEEEEEEEE BIIIIIIRD between every song I hate you.

    Truer words have never been spoken. 

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  4. Chapman ML-3 Traditional - Satin Blue

    • Two-piece carved swamp ash body
    • Chapman ‘Chapstack’ stacked single coil & Chapman ‘Majesty’ neck single coil
    • Recessed bolt-on maple neck
    • Chapman C Standard profile
    • Maple fingerboard
    • 22 extra jumbo frets
    • Body-matched headstock
    • 25.5” scale length
    • Chapman ‘T Plate’ bridge
    • Body located truss adjustment
    • Chrome hardware
    • Coil tap on tone control
  5. blackcatboneguitars:

    Modified Classic Vibe Squier Telecaster - Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce to you, Frankie, the Disastercaster. 

    Thing’s got some mojo.

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  6. Subdecay Super Spring Theory

    I like that this has a switch for trails right on the front of the pedal. Sounds good!

  7. EC Overlord Drive

    When I first got this pedal I thought I knew what I was in for. A 3 knob overdrive pedal. Seems simple enough. There’s a million and one on the market, what would make this different?

    The EC Overlord drive is a really interesting drive pedal. It’s not a tube screamer clone or anything like that. It’s a really full and fat sounding overdrive that could be used in almost any set up.

    I dialed in a handful of rhythm sounds I was really happy with. It’s a great chunky drive sound with nice, complex sustains. At the same time, the Overlord is a great choice for overdriving a tube amp. It’s got a really wide range on all the knobs (Gain, Tone, Level) and can push the amp just over the line for a smooth lead sound, or can really take it over the top for screaming solos.

    I found that the Tone knob below 12oclock to be SUPER fat. Not flubby and just “more bass on this side”, but really thick and meaty. It defiantly scooped the mids a little bit, but in a really nice way. Over 12oclock brings in the brightness. Really great at lower gain sounds to bring the jangle out of any guitar.

    With the gain maxed out I found it really similar to my Fulltone Plimsoul which I was really surprised about. The Plimsoul is one of the highest gain pedals Fulltone makes and, for my ears, has a really rich and saturated sound. The Overlord drive got pretty darn close. Slightly different and fewer controls, but it’s something I would absolutely consider buying. I also use a TC MojoMojo overdrive on a different pedalboard and although that pedal is fun, the EC ran circles around it with the tone knob alone.

    All in all, really impressed with the EC Overlord Drive. It’s way more than your simple 3 knob dirt box. I’m looking forward to trying out more from them soon.

    This pedal and many of the pedals we’re reviewing have been provided by Pedalgenie.com. All your pedal wishes, granted. 


  8. Ep. 000022 - We’re HUGE in Denmark 

    Follow up! 

    Andre 3000 Hendrix biopic is being released in the UK on 10/24. Check out episode 12 for more info on that.


    • Mayones Guitars

      • Hand-made guitars and basses from Poland

      • Marketed at the high gain crowd, I’m still super into these guitars

      • 6, 7, and 8 string models with lots of modern technology, backed by years of tradition (fan frets, Evertune bridges)

      • Incredible wood choices and meticulous craftsmanship are what make these interesting to me

      • Lots of models available from super modern to interesting takes on classic designs. (I really dig the Duvell Elite)

      • mayones.com
    • Blue Microphones “Mo-Fi” Headphones

    • Pedal Genie

      • Create a wish list of pedals you want to try out

      • TONS of gear from a great list of manufacturers

        • Aguilar, Catalinbread, Mad Professor, Walrus Audio, Wampler, to name a select few

      • They send you one at a time, and you keep it as long as you like

      • $34.95/mo but the first month is only a buck!

      • Pedalgenie.com/tonecontrol

      • Good news everyone! if you get a pedal you can’t live without, you can keep it! Contact Pedal Genie and they will give you a buy-out option based on the pedal and your length of membership.

      • Pedal Genie PRO! 3-pedals at a time for $59.95/mo
    • Wall-Axe

      • It’s a wallmount guitar hanger with some style

      • A few models, designed to hold 1-3 guitars

        • Soloist ($30) holds one guitar, but has 4 pegs to hold all your extra stuff like cables, a strap, capo, etc

        • Other models hold 2-3 guitars on a board that is shaped like a guitar or bass. They even have a small bridge and some “strings”

      • Really nice looking materials like 13 ply baltic birch, solid oak, even carbon fiber

      • Range about $90-$140 depending on materials, finish, size, etc.

      • wallaxe.com

    Awesome email from Michael in Denmark - Let’s talk about guitar tone mix vs solo tracks!

  9. Wampler Latitude Tremolo Deluxe

    As you probably already know, Wampler makes top notch pedals. The Latitude is no exception. This is a real powerhouse of a trem pedal. It’s got a bunch of controls you usually don’t see on tremolos and some newer features that are really fun to play around with.

    So first of all, it’s got a tap tempo with subdivisions. I don’t really need to explain to you why that’s awesome. The tap switch is a soft touch which is great, and there’s a pulsing red LED that shows you the rate and the depth. Rate = speed of flashing, depth = brightness of flashing.

    After that you’ve got the waveform switch. This allows you to select between square wave, sine wave, and a steeper sine wave which is almost triangle but not exactly. Square wave is obviously super choppy and has a very on/off/on/off sound. Sine wave is a smoother more throbbing sound. And the steeper sine is a little of both.

    On to the knobs: Speed, Space, Depth, Level, and Attack. Let’s go one at a time.

    Speed: The rate of trem pulses. This knob ramps up and down which is super cool.
    Space: This changes the space between waves. Think of it as the amount of quiet time in the trem pulse.
    Depth: How deep the pulses are. This is also kind of a mix control. Fully CCW there’s no trem sound, CW it’s at max depth or just about fully “off” in the deeper part of the waveform.
    Level: this is an output level on the pedal. Helps a lot with the perceived volume drop on tremolo pedals.
    Attack: This is one of the coolest features. The Attack control allows you to lean the wave form one way or the other when in either of the sine wave modes. Basically it allows you to adjust the slope of the front or back of the wave form resulting in a more saw tooth wave.

    The Attack and Space controls are really what set this pedal apart for me. You can make some really interesting sounds with those two controls alone. Between subdivisions and tap tempo and of course an all around GREAT tremolo sound, this pedal can get you to where you need to be. I really enjoyed having it. It’s a major step up from a lot of basic tremolo pedals on the market these days. If you’re looking for a really customizable trem sound this is the tool for the job.

    This pedal and many of the pedals we’re reviewing have been provided by Pedalgenie.com. All your pedal wishes, granted. 

  10. I can’t stop looking at this guitar. 

  11. Dr. Z - Z Wreck 

    What an awesome, dynamic, touch responsive amp. I would seriously consider a Dr. Z if I had the money. Check out Greg V tear it up on this beautiful Z Wreck.

  12. sweetsexyguitars:

    Mayones Guitars Basses Regius 7 Custom

    Beautiful! Keep an ear out for a Mayones segment on the upcoming episode of The Tone Control!

  13. laboutiquedemusique:

    Day 3 at Musikmesse today. I stopped by Nik Huber’s booth and saw some of the killer guitars he brought to the show. Such good stuff!

    That blue-gray one with the 2 P-90s…unf

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    Mayones is out of control.

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  15. telepathyamongus:

    TV Jones & Seafoam Green on a Fender

    Tele Tuesday!

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